Still Small Voice – A true tale of courage and faith

Still Small VoiceStill Small VoiceStill Small VoiceStill Small VoiceStill Small VoiceStill Small VoiceStill Small VoiceStill Small VoiceStill Small VoiceTracy ElsterEan RavenscroftRichard StainerAnthony HallHattie AshtonHolly DelafortrieMike SullivanDeclan Lynch
To work with Danusia is NEVER to have a dull moment. It was a real pleasure to receive her call, some while back, when she asked if I would like to contribute to her latest effort – “Still Small Voice”. The title alone was enough to guarantee a rapid “Oh, yes” by way of a reply.

The play centres about one woman’s determination (Margaret Kemp) to see the Quaker Meeting House in Bury St. Edmunds protected against the forces that would tear it down and once its future was assured, to see it loved once again…

I was on board to provide photography and, on the dress rehearsal, a video record of the play. It was a bit of a mad rush to get all set up for the video work. There was little room for the gear I had brought but these wee obstacles were overcome and I settled down in readiness for the dress rehearsal to begin. Within 5 minutes of the play commencing, I had a real challenge on my hands. To concentrate on operating the camera was a task demanding my full attention… There was, however, a constant temptation to be drawn into the story that was unfolding before me and this was how it was to be for entire duration of the play.

The set was simple in its layout with seating for the audience arranged all around the central stage area. Just a few props were needed; a table and a few chairs. For those of you that may be curious about the umbrella in one of the stills, full marks for the great ingenuity used to highlight the sorry state of the Meeting house during the period the play was set – in particular, the leaking roof.

To my delight, I was able to see it as a member of the audience so I was able to give it the attention it deserved. The fact this is a play based on the very real character of Margaret Kemp and was performed in the building she was so passionate and instrumental in saving makes Danusia’s work all the more endearing and profound.

As for the cast and crew, well, it was a pleasure to see them perform their magic…

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