Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra – Revisited

Work on the video record for the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra’s inaugural performance is now all but complete.


The big day was 3 months ago but the memory of it is as fresh as a daisy.. Working on the video was a huge challenge due to a number of factors.. First, the available light when recording the performances. The stage was under the tower whereas I was just in front of the west door of the Cathedral – a good 40 metres distant. That good ol’ inverse-square law meant the camera was receiving a fraction of the light that was illuminating the orchestra. There was not much I could do about this apart from making sure all the optics were clean! Those that wear spectacles appreciate the difference between clean and grubby lenses 🙂

The second challenge could have been the sound… I used a radio link to send the sound from the mixing desk to the camera and with all that heavy duty masonry about, I was concerned the link may not be reliable. As things turned out, at no time did the link fail… Thank you MIPRO 🙂

Reliable sound was not left to chance, however. I also had a recording deck that had its own link to the mixer.. this allowed me to make a separate recording of the performances. There was some clipping – a French Horn was right in line with one of the microphones. As unfortunate as this was, it was only an issue during some passages of the horn solo. Considering there was no opportunity to perform any sound balancing on the night, I was pleased with the quality of the sound.

The third challenge were the rehearsal clips… All these were recorded with the camera, hand-held. Camera shake was superbly dealt with using Adobe After Effects stabilisation facility. This video will give you an idea…

“All but complete”.. What remains is for some 30 second selections to be made from each of the performances. These will be used to promote the SPO.

I should make it clear that no video of the concert will be made available due to performance rights issues.

The next performance is scheduled for October.. It looks as though my services are required – I most certainly hope so 🙂 I learned so much working on this project.. Both in terms of the tools that are used to record such an event but no less important, an understanding of how fulfilling it is to be part of such a venture as the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra.

Their website can be found here:
Also, ITN reported on the event:

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  1. Greg August 15, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    Does this link enlighten?

    To put it another way, you seem to have thrown yourself in to your work 🙂

    • Steve Stoddart August 15, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

      Now I geddit :-)) Strewth, Greg… How in the name of NED did you remember that particular episode?

      I appreciated the sentiment, ol’ bean.. Thank you 🙂

      It was odd seeing Roy Castle again though.. I had forgotten what a genial fellow he was…

  2. Greg August 14, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    Looks like you’ve got the Roy Castle factor!

    • Steve Stoddart August 15, 2012 at 5:08 am #

      Hello Greg :-)) You OBVIOUSLY know far more about Roy Castle than I do! I see no trumpets so I give in… Some explanation please 🙂

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