Where did February go? Or January for that matter. For two of the darkest months of the year you can be forgiven for thinking time would drag but no.. the days seemed to have gone by like minutes.

I thought I had plenty of time to prepare for my first exhibition at the Apex in Bury St. Edmunds in May but before I knew it, the deadline for providing all the necessaries was staring me in the face. Well, nothing like a spot of pressure to pull out the digit and get things done 🙂

The task, on the face of it, was a simple one – select 10 images for the exhibition. At first, the selection process was easy.. not that things remained that way for long 🙂 I have about 20,000 images in the library – sounds huge but it is modest compared to some. If a library has been catalogued (given keywords so you can easily find images with the content you seek) then narrowing down the search gives you places where you can start – this was the easy bit.

My unfamiliarity with being a contributor to an exhibition exposed an ‘ignorance’ right there. With each image I looked at, memories of time and place bubbled to the surface and without thinking, I allowed the time for that to pass by. So you can imagine how long the process of selection was beginning to take. I had to learn how to forgo the urge to reminiscence and just stick to the task in hand.

Right. Lesson 1 learned. “Stay focussed”.

So now I had my 10… and I was about to face hurdle number 2 – Will the images fit ‘standard’ print sizes without ‘dead space’? In terms of their proportions I.E. length vs height, many images may look good as the come out of the camera – good ol’ 4 by 3 aspect ratio to use the jargon. If all the selections were 4 by 3, I would have no trouble finding a suitable print size that worked. It is not unusual however, for an image to be significantly improved by cropping – with the end result looking great but that may not fit standard print sizes.

So, what I thought was a list with enough candidates soon became a list with not enough candidates 🙁 Back to the Library…

Eventually, I really DID have my 10… and now the task I left till last needed sorting – deciding on a sale price for each piece. This took a long, long time.. In the end I think I struck a reasonable balance but I can’t be sure. Have I under priced them? Or just as bad, have I over priced them? Each print will cost about £65 to produce and with a gallery commission of 30% to add, the sale price escalated rapidly (or so it seemed) once I began to add my own fee into the bargain.

Entrance to Clare College GardenAbandoned buildings on OrfordnessRiver Thames at MaidenheadColonyLevington at low tideOld boats

It is all done now.. The form is filled in and has been delivered along with a CD showing the collection I want to exhibit. I may well change some of the pieces before the exhibition… we will see. As for the images you see here, they may or may not feature in the exhibition 🙂

What is the scariest thing about this? Knowing how I see the world will be on public view for the first time. What mitigates the unease is the positive reaction I have had in the Panoramio (the portal to placing images on Google Earth) and Facebook arenas to the photography I have posted.

I have learned all sorts of stuff in preparing for the exhibition but I suspect the greatest lessons will remain hidden until the exhibition is done and dusted:-) May is not far off so judging by how quick time has gone by so far this year, the exhibition will open in about an hour 🙂

If you want to find out more about the Apex, click here

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  1. Annya Stoddart March 2, 2013 at 2:23 pm #

    I can’t wait to see the chosen pictures as actual framed photos…..and have got several earmarked that I would like to put up for my patients to see….

    • Steve Stoddart March 3, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

      You and me both 🙂 It is one thing to see them on a monitor – even if it is a big one. Viewed as a print hanging on a wall is something all together different 🙂

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