Steve Stoddart, photographer & videographer

About Steve Stoddart

Since picking up his first sturdy Zenit E back in the mid seventies, through to the turn of the millenium where he provided product photography as a professional engineer, Steve’s skills and passion as photographer and videographer have continued to grow.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world and combining it with his interest in creative arts, Steve produces photographs and videos that deliver.

His warm personality and unobtrusive manner quickly allow his subjects to feel at ease ensuring natural results.

The source of Wandering River

For those curious about the ‘origins’ of Wandering River …

In what seems like another life, I worked in the Oil and Gas industry. A profound benefit of the job was the frequent visits to Northern Canada. The trips were usually in the winter bringing my first experience of temperatures of -40°C…

On one particular trip I was being ferried about in a small aircraft (flying was the only way to reach some of the locations) and we flew over the Athabasca River.

From an altitude of around 8,000 feet, its frozen surface was a beautiful sight.

The river’s meandering path so fired my imagination that the 18 intervening years have done little to diminish the memory.

While the capture of landscapes is a powerful ‘tonic for the soul’, I am equally passionate about all genres of

photography and videography. During the latter years of my engineering career, I often used my photographic skills to produce material for presentations or sales literature. I enjoyed this peripheral activity as much as the engineering and often thought I would welcome an opportunity to ‘change lanes’..

In particular I enjoy working within the creative arts, producing successful work that includes: headshots of a theatrical cast, the shooting of video to augment a stage production and photographing the members of an orchestra as they rehearse.

Landscapes, commercial, the arts and people…. All very different genres but oh, so interesting and rewarding!

Pure and simple, it is a passion…

Steve Stoddart 2012