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Parallel Worlds in East Anglia

Parallel Worlds. Parallel worlds, for many years, only existed in Science Fiction… Now, however, theoretical physics indicates parallel worlds may not be a flight of fancy after all.  “The truth...

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Fangorn in Suffolk

Only followers of Tolkien would know Fangorn. So I wonder how many of us that have read Tolkien, have had their lives at least in some small manner, altered by...

Kentwell Hall

Kentwell Hall The Hall is sited in the midst of timeless grounds, close by the Suffolk town of Long Melford. “Timeless”? A quizzical eyebrow may be raised at such language...

Whitby Abbey

A Legacy of Kings and Physicists An odd beginning to a tale I grant you but all will, hopefully, become clearer than mud in the next few lines 🙂 This...