Willy Lott's Cottage

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Lovers of John Constable will know this place...

Landscape Photography

The landscape… to be in the middle of it, to feel nature all around in fair weather or wild, is a passion I share with so many. The landscape has moods altered by weather, the countless years of its existence and, in so many places, man’s influence. To capture a sense of awe in landscape photography is often a challenge – but such a challenge is always welcome.

It is often heart-pounding work to get to some of these places and I have to admit the desire to keep fit is not the reason I do it 🙂 A very kind observation of my photography was made recently and on reflection it encompasses the reason why I venture out:

“Your love of the landscape really shines through”.

Wild and windswept vistas, with and without signs of man.. I hope you find the landscape photography here stimulating, restful or thought-provoking.

The photography you see here is available for you – so if you have spaces that need that extra special lift, something to inspire, then drop me a line and perhaps I can help you find the ideal vista.

You can also find my Wandering River galleries on Facebook and 500px. It would be grand to see you there 🙂