I am sure all us find gems out there on the internet… Listed here are links to sites I have found to be useful, entertaining or outstanding for other reasons..

Initially at least, the links will be added as they some in… Random is the word I am looking for! As the numbers increase, I will start to categorise them…

The first links are for the bods that were central to creating the website and the branding used in Wandering River..

If you have any problems with either the links or the sites, please let me know but please note – Links to external websites are included in good faith and as such I can not be held responsible for their content.

JuJu Digital  For excellent web design services. (They built my website)
Sue Brettell  For superb branding advice..
Virtue Design  Designed the logo for Wandering River…
IPScene  A “What’s On” guide for regions covered by the IP1 to IP17 post codes..
Walking Britain  A great site for all those that love life outdoors.
The Pain Relief Clinic  Acupuncture – an Ancient marvel… If you have aches and pains acupuncture is well worth considering.
Heavens Above  An excellent place for those interested in what the night sky has to offer.
The Suffolk Philharmonic  Suffolk’s first professional orchestra.
Feast of Fiddles  SO much more than a Folk band..
DP Review  A great review site for photography gear..