Photography – An outline of Services

Portrait Photography

I look for the story that connects people to each other, or to a place or a particular time in their lives. The old adage ‘every picture tells a story’ comes into its own here. The tale can be elusive – usually from being a little shy when there is a camera about! Elusive or not, I will set you at your ease and capture the essence of the connection; maybe the expression in the eyes, the lines on the face, or the memory of an event..

Wedding Photography

When the important people in your life come together in a special place to celebrate your wedding or party, I look to capture the time when they are lost in the moment. Images such as these bring a fond memory flooding back for you and your friends and family.

Both ‘formal’ (but not too stiff 🙂 ) and ‘reportage’ styles are used to record the significance and ‘lightness of heart’ the day represents.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is a different matter, but no less interesting. Photography that depicts your product or services is a deal more than an a set of images.. it also indicates the importance you place on quality. To that end, I strive to showcase your products and services to their best advantage.

Event Photography

Wandering River can provide event photography for all manner of genres. From concerts – classical, folk, rock and New Age, theatre and fund-raising events have all been ‘before the lens’ and the images used to promote a cause or organisation.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs should you be organising a big day.


It was a brilliant experience working with Steve. From the pre-shoot visit to the concerned after-care Steve impressed me deeply with his keen eye, attention to detail and massive enthusiasm to get everything just right. He quickly grasped exactly what I wanted (even though I hadn’t entirely grasped that myself yet!) and guided me through the whole process with a light touch that made everything seem effortless (though it certainly was not).

Here is someone who is totally professional, intuitive, skilled and enormously conscientious. The results were much beyond what I had hoped for, or would have been able to imagine.

Thank you Steve – I’m hoping you’ll come and do our wedding next!