Video production

Video Production in Suffolk and East Anglia

A well crafted video production is a great asset to promote services or products to the wider world. In addition, media is easy to upload and embed in websites and blogs. It is also an excellent way of telling a story:

I started watching the video you made for the Lavender Ball out of a technical interest in Steve’s work but quickly got involved in the story and message. The video itself became transparent and I was listening to a man and watching an event. Top work Mr Stoddart, a thought provoking insight into someone’s renewed life and those that made it happen.

Robin Cassells Orwell Computers

Product Demos, Training, Events and Seminars

Organising and providing training, events or seminars requires a deal of time, effort and expense. A video record of your event may be just the ticket to capitalise on your investment. In addition, the material will be an invaluable resource for your existing and potential clients.

Testimonials, Capability Video and Bios

Testimonials from happy customers are an invaluable aid to winning new business. Ask your customers if they can deliver your testimonial by video to give the accolades extra depth.

A capability video is a great way of illustrating the standard of your service or product. Let your potential customers see how you can be an asset for their business.

What we provide

Close attention is always given to video quality. Furthermore, we pay as much attention to crystal clear audio. Professional photography and scripting services are also available should the need arise.

From start to finish, Wandering River will support you and when all is done, deliver a product you can delight in.

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