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  • Sep222020
    SERV and the Volunteer Ethic

    The Volunteer Ethic

    The Volunteer Ethic I have provided video material for clients that cover a fair old range of subjects… and all…

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  • Sep142020

    Conservation and The Demise of Trees

    The Demise of Trees As I watched this tree being felled, I wondered how this was contributing to ‘conservation’ or…

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  • Apr222018
    Storage Technologies

    Heart and Mind

    To pursue two very different paths when it comes to earning a living is by no mean, unusual. That said,…

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  • Apr082016

    Parallel Worlds in East Anglia

    Parallel Worlds. Parallel worlds, for many years, only existed in Science Fiction… Now, however, theoretical physics indicates parallel worlds may…

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  • Mar222015


    “Engineers”. When you hear that word, what is the image that pops into your mind? Folk, scared of the sunshine…

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  • Mar122015
    Fine Art Photography

    Tolkien’s world.

    My home county is in East Anglia. When I walk in the woods around me, there are places where I…

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  • Nov222014

    A Videographer’s day

    A view from Behind the Scenes. If you have ever watched a concert on the telly or online and was…

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  • Sep252014
    Still Life

    Kentwell Hall

    Kentwell Hall The Hall is sited in the midst of timeless grounds, close by the Suffolk town of Long Melford.…

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  • Sep062014

    Less is More

    Sound bites are often regarded with a cynical eye… – What may start out as well-crafted and powerful statement is…

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  • Jul202014

    Gig in the Garden

    The Gig in the Garden As fundraisers go, Gig in the Garden has to be amongst the best. The gig…

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  • Jul092014

    Whitby Abbey

    A Legacy of Kings and Physicists An odd beginning to a tale I grant you but all will, hopefully, become…

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  • Mar102013

    Gypsy Lane

    The Hidden Power in a Picture For a photographer, understanding what it is about an image, the ‘rhyme and reason’…

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