Headshot and Portrait Photography

Headshots, Portrait Photography and Personal Branding

Corporate headshot and Portrait photography is a real pleasure. The shoot can be studio-based, outside or if you prefer, at your place of work. Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation chat when the need arises.

  • Headshots and Personal Branding
  • Wedding photography by Wandering River
  • Headshot and Portrait Photography by Wandering River
  • Headshot and Portrait photography by Wandering River
  • Weddings by Wandering River
  • Headshot and Portrait photography by Wandering River
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  • Wedding photography by Wandering River
  • Weddings by Wandering River
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For commerce, your business profile will be greatly enhanced when it includes beautifully composed headshot or portrait photography. ‘Personal branding’ works for all sorts of endeavour, not only the corporate world but also the performing arts or as an organiser of events.

I empathise with folk that feel a little self-conscious when faced with a camera! This understanding leads me to create a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot where there is no pressure – just a calm environment where you can take as much time as you need to relax into the shoot. I can provide guidance where needed, but it will be you that sets the agenda and pace. A collaborative approach increases the opportunity to achieve great results 🙂

To increase the flexibility of your portfolio, I encourage you to bring a selection of clothing… Variety is good!

Portraits and headshots…. What is the difference between them?

The terms ‘Portrait’ and ‘Headshot’ are often regarded as meaning the same thing but there are key differences. Three come to mind:

  1. Purpose.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are three examples where headshots are an essential part of your social media presence. I suppose ‘Personal Branding’ is probably the phrase I should use here. For me, however, a “brand” is something applied to an inanimate object – not something of flesh and blood. Semantics probably 🙂

If your image is to be used in a printed or onlne publication, a portrait is better suited. Reading “Environs” and “Lighting” will explain why.

  1. Environs.

The background is often the major difference between a headshot and portrait. Headshots usually have a fairly plain background – the emphasis being the subject and little else.
Portrait photography, on the other hand, is best suited in an environment that suggests something about the sitter – perhaps their place of work.

  1. Lighting.

For headshot photography, the lighting is simple and clean with no deep shadows. Designed to suit the complexion of the sitter.
With a portrait, however, there is room – perhaps a necessity – to be more creative. To imbue mood into the shot is often a great idea.

So what is your desire? Headshot or Portrait? Should you feel uneasy about having your headshot or portrait taken, I am patient, easy-going and empathetic. I will do my utmost to put you at your ease. As a result, I can provide you with headshot or portrait photography you can be proud of.

Headshot and portrait photography is a pleasure to provide so do please contact me should you need an event covered or your portrait taken.