Headshot and Portrait Photography

Headshots, Portrait Photography and Personal Branding

The first point of contact for a potential client is often your headshot. It follows, therefore, high-quality headshot photography is key to showing you as approachable and confident.  This is one of those times when first impressions count – enough for your new client to decide to contact you.

  • Headshot and Portrait Photography by Wandering River
  • Headshot photography - Charles Downie
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  • Wedding photography by Wandering River
  • Headshot and Portrait photography by Wandering River
  • Weddings by Wandering River
  • Headshot and Portrait photography by Wandering River
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  • Wedding photography by Wandering River
  • Headshots and Personal Branding
  • Weddings by Wandering River
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Your headshot can play a key role in your success – assuming you have one 🙂 If they were taken some while ago, perhaps they need refreshing.  I would be delighted to provide you with new headshots, to show you in the best possible light 🙂

But don’t feel too concerned if the prospect of headshot photography is a little daunting. Creating a relaxed atmosphere is always key during the shoot. There is no pressure – just a calm environment where you can take as much time as you need to relax into the shoot. You can choose the venue – studio-based, outside or if you prefer, at your place of work.

To increase the flexibility of your new portfolio, feel free to bring a selection of clothing.

To discuss options, I would be delighted to have a no-obligation chat.

Portraits and headshots…. What is the difference between them?

There are key differences in ‘Portrait’ and ‘Headshot Photography’. Three come to mind:

  1. Purpose.

Headshots are an essential part of your social media presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. I suppose ‘Personal Branding’ is probably the phrase I should use here.  For me, however, a “brand” is something applied to an inanimate object – not something of flesh and blood. Semantics probably 🙂

If your image is to be used in a printed or online publication, a portrait is better suited. Reading “Environs” and “Lighting” will explain why.

  1. Environs.

The background is often the major difference between a headshot and portrait. Headshots usually have a fairly plain background – the emphasis being the subject and little else.  Portrait photography, on the other hand, is best suited in an environment that suggests something about the sitter – perhaps their place of work.

  1. Lighting.

For headshot photography, the lighting is simple and clean with no deep shadows. Designed to suit the complexion of the sitter.
With a portrait, however, there is room – perhaps a necessity – to be more creative. To imbue mood into the shot is often a great idea.

So what is your desire? Headshot or Portrait? Should you feel uneasy about having your headshot or portrait taken, I am patient, easy-going and empathetic. I will do my utmost to put you at your ease. As a result, I can provide you with headshot or portrait photography you can be proud of.

Headshot and portrait photography is a pleasure to provide so do please contact me should you need an event covered or your portrait taken.