Headshot and Portrait Photography

Headshots and Portraits

Well composed headshot or portrait photography is a great asset. Such images find a home in all sorts of environments… corporate, commercial, performance and outdoor events – the sheer variety makes people photography so interesting.

We understand that the prospect of having your photograph may not appeal to all so setting you at your ease is of great importance to us. As a result, to your time with us will be made as comfortable as possible and the best results will follow. We can provide your photography in either a studio environment or at your place of work.

We have been fortunate in providing photography for clients in many such circumstances.. Weddings, theatre and music live performance and outdoor events – all been captured by Wandering River.

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  • Weddings by Wandering River
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  • Weddings by Wandering River
  • Weddings by Wandering River
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    Portraits and headshots…. What is the difference between them?

There are three differences that come to mind:

  1. Purpose.

A headshot is an essential part of your social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, etc. “Branding” is probably the word I should use but for me, a “brand” is something applied to an inanimate object – not something of flesh and blood.. Semantics probably 🙂

A portrait is better suited to a situation where your image is to be used in a publication – be that printed or online.

  1. Environs.

The major difference between a headshot and portrait is usually the background. Headshots usually have a fairly plain background – the emphasis here is the subject and little else.
Portrait photography on the other hand, is best suited in an environment that suggests something about the sitter.. perhaps their chosen endeavour or their place of work.

  1. Lighting.

For headshot photography, the lighting is simple and clean – no deep shadows, just simple lighting to suit the complexion of the sitter.
With a portrait however, there is room – perhaps a necessity – to be more creative. To imbue mood into the shot is often a great idea.

Headshot or Portrait, what is your desire?  Should you feel uneasy about having your headshot or portrait taken, we are friendly and accommodating and can soon put you at your ease. As a result, we can provide you with headshot or portrait photography you can be proud of.

Headshot and portrait photography is a pleasure to provide so do please contact us should you need an event covered or your portrait taken