Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind
22nd April 2018 Steve Stoddart
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To pursue two very different paths when it comes to earning a living is by no mean, unusual. That said, the blend of disciplines that were to settle for me had an unexpected benefit – a balance between heart and mind.

The Disciplines

For me, I have Photography and Video Production along one path and engineering on the other. They have, as you might imagine, very different aspects to them. They also overlap and I for one, am often glad of it. ‘Engineering’ is a discipline that spans a vast range and my chosen field centres on IT and electronics…  My cameras are digital (I was seduced to the ‘dark side’ long years ago 🙂 ) and with such devices, comes a heavy reliance on IT.  Cameras (or what they produce) and IT are often uneasy bedfellows. So, to understand both ‘warring parties’ I can often restore a sense of balance by working out how to fix things after they INEVITABLY go wrong!

Balance and Working Together

There is a kind of wonderful ‘marriage’ between the two endeavours… The engineering is all about widgets and how things work. It is about how to look at a challenge and use what you know in order to meet it. All good stuff – it keeps the mind sharp and that is never a bad thing. As satisfying as it is, to me at least engineering has a certain ‘coolness’ to it. In stark contrast to its importance, it has an absence of life…

The imaging side (stills and video) is a different matter. Its creative nature introduces a welcome balance between heart and mind. Far more red-blooded than the engineering malarky, it is heart-centred and generates a sense of achievement all its own. Even subjects that might seem ‘dry’ at first, take on a whole new depth when you learn something about them. It becomes apparent how, for some folk, the subject means a great deal – even of life-saving significance.

Always Learning

When I started my business, one of the first lessons I learnt was to appreciate how vital it was to see things as how my clients see things.. That understanding yielded two benefits. First, I could contribute far more to my client’s needs and second, there is another subject I have become less ignorant about 🙂

There is another parallel I would come to understand is how a working marriage of disciplines can (and should) reflect other aspects of our lives. Namely, that while we all may be very different to our neighbour, there is no reason why we can’t seek ways to make those differences work to benefit all..

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