Parallel Worlds in East Anglia

Parallel Worlds in East Anglia
8th April 2016 Steve Stoddart
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Parallel Worlds.

Parallel worlds, for many years, only existed in Science Fiction… Now, however, theoretical physics indicates parallel worlds may not be a flight of fancy after all.  “The truth is stranger than fiction” they say..

“Parallel worlds”.. the thought popped into my head as I walked along the north shore of the Orwell river.  As was the case in all my previous visits, the tide was out. Vessels of all shapes and sizes were moving up and downstream, all utterly dwarfed by the Orwell Bridge.

As I ambled along, the sight of a tree began to totally absorb my attention. Many trees along this stretch of the river have had their roots undercut by the encroaching river. Some have keeled over completely and soon succumbed to the waters. Others, however, may have taken on a serious lean, but are holding on regardless.

The Ent and the River

The River Orwell and the eroded banks where trees lean in toward the river.

The parallel world I speak of here is a literary one from the mind of J.R.R. Tolkien. For me, one of his most enduring creations are the Ents. For those of you that have yet to read his ‘Lord of the Rings’, Ents are tree-like and sentient. They can move about and talk – think benevolent Triffid 🙂 From the instant I first read of them, I simply adored the idea of a ‘shepherd of the trees’. So, from that time, I would find a tree here and there that looked a likely candidate and I would wonder if it would, well, ‘up sticks’ and go for a wander after I was out of sight.

The tree in the foreground of this shot is such a tree. While it belongs in one world, it has found its way into ours and is leaning out to see how the world of Man crosses a mighty river.

Was he impressed, I wonder? Or was he thinking “houmm, root and branch, very odd.. very odd indeed”?

If you would care to see a much higher resolution version of this image, you can find it here on my 500px pages.

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